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Ruth Guzzwell, St. John's
Ruth guzzwell, 2004

Ruth Guzzwell was born on July 24, 1920 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the daughter of May and Percie LeMessurier, an accountant with the Great Eastern Oil company. Following her graduation from Bishop Spencer College, she completed a two-year commercial course at Bishop Feild. She was employed at Curtis and Squires law offices and Hynes and Bursey Fish Merchants. In 1939, she married Walter Guzzwell and had two children.

Bishop Spencer College encouraged physical activity among its students, and included a twice-weekly physical education class in the curriculum. Each June, the College held a Sport’s Day at Feildian Grounds, a day of various games and races. As a Spencerian “blue-blouse”, Mrs. Guzzwell enjoyed playing for the basketball, field hockey and ice hockey teams. Mr. Anderson, a teacher from Bishop Feild College, coached the Spencer teams.

After graduation from Spencer, Mrs Guzzwell did not participate in competitve sports, other than the occasional ice hockey game. In 1942, she joined her friends at the Holy Cross Bowling Alleys. She proved to be an talented bowler, and later traveled to the mainland for tournaments.

In retrospect, Ruth Guzzwell believed that the emphasis Bishop Spencer College placed on physical fitness kept her active for life. In the summer of 2003, at the age of 82, Mrs. Guzzwell continued to enjoy lawn-bowling, playing at least four games per week! In 1985, Ruth Guzzwell was inducted into the Bowling Hall of Fame.


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