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Vera Taylor, Grand Falls
Vera Taylor, 2004

Vera Taylor was born on 9 August 1923 in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, daughter of Lucy (Downton) and Isaac Morgan, purchasing agent for the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company (AND). She attended Grand Falls Academy and was employed at the Avalon Telephone Company as a long distance radio telephone operator. In 1946, she married Albert Eric Taylor and had two children.

As a student of Grand Falls Academy, Vera participated in the compulsary daily classroom exercise drills, which required students to do calisthenics while standing by their desks. In junior high, she learned to play basketball as a member of the school's intra-mural league. Her interest in basketball continued into 1942 when she joined the newly- formed Grand Falls ladies basketball league. A member of the Hurricanes league champions (1942-43), she remained with the team until she began working for AND.

While still a student, Vera began playing junior tennis at the town club. Although responsible for Saturday chores at home, she enjoyed playing every week and participating in club tournaments. She recalls partnering on occasion with Sir Vincent Jones, AND mill manager and sports enthusiast. Jones was a donor of the prize for a junior tournament, a tennis racquet won by Vera.

Vera continued playing tennis after graduation and marriage, occasionally playing competitively at Badger, a community near Grand Falls. While on vacation at Bay Roberts, she was invited to fill in for a tournament at Harbour Grace. When a new club was built in Grand Falls, stricter playing rules were adopted. She tried adapting to the changes but eventually chose to retire from the sport.

Vera's early sport memories include learning to skate and swim with the help of an adult friend. In later years, she began curling. Throughout all her involvement, she felt that, although the number of spectators was relatively small, the community supported those girls and women who chose to play sports.


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