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Edith (Mercer) Dean, Bay Roberts
Edith Dean, 2004

Edith (Mercer) Dean was born on 16 November 1925 in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, daughter of Myra (Mercer) and Victor Mercer, a mill worker at the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company (AND). She moved to Grand Falls as a young child and attended Grand Falls Academy. Following graduation, she was employed as a switchboard operator at AND. In 1943, she married Donald Dean and had three children.

Although Grand Falls Academy housed the only gym in town, It did not have a physical education program. However, Edith did enjoy participating in the races on the school's annual Sports Day. When Edith was in grade eleven, two local residents, Jack Cohen and Angus Dean (Edith's future father-in-law) organized an extra-curricular basketball league. Edith participated as a member of the Hurricanes for several years but recalls the league as being "not very competitive".

In the 1930s, she enjoyed playing tennis on the local courts and remembers it as possibly the first sport she tried. After her marriage, she learned to play badminton at the Academy gym, a popular social activity in Grand Falls at the time. She played mixed doubles with her husband, occasionally traveling for competitions in Corner Brook and St. John's.

After her marriage, Edith began bowling at Grand Falls first bowling alley on Lincoln Road. When a second bowling alley was constructed, she joined a more competitive housewives' league.

While in her 30s, Edith began golfing, a sport in which she is still active. Her golfing achievements included membership on the Provincial Amateur team in 1973-74. Dean was inducted into the Newfoundland Sports Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Newfoundland & Labrador Golf Hall of Fame in 2000.

Of her lifelong interest in sport, Edith stated "I was a real sports girl. I love it. I still do. If I could, I would be doing all these things now."


Audio "I'm a Real Sports Girl!"

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