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The “Spencer storm” that swept across the Ayre Athletic Field yesterday afternoon left a hopelessly outplayed, outpointed Prince of Wales’ girls eleven loser by 2-0 in the Intercollegiate Field Hockey series opener. - (Evening Telegram, 10 October 1945)

Field hockey was introduced to St. John’s in 1904, as a initiative of the St. George’s Field Association. The sport was very popular in England, and the Directors felt that the local football (soccer) clubs might enjoy a summer version of ice hockey. A Men’s Field Hockey League was organized as well as a Ladies’ Hockey Club. There were enough players in the women’s club to form two teams that played each other and also participated in several mixed games. Bishop Spencer College immediately added field hockey to its physical education program.

The men’s participation in field hockey waned within a few years (the game competed with football for space and players), and the sport remained primarily a women’s game. Inter-collegiate games were played among Bishop Spencer College, Methodist College (later Prince of Wales College) and Memorial University College.



Prince of Wales Hockey Champions, 1931

Seated on floor:
Ruth Story, Bertha Wilansky

Second Row, left to right
Lilly Moody, Ida Levitz, Mary Randell, Jean Randell, Hilda Dove

Back Row, left to right:
Emma Angel, Marg. Martin, Gwen Ward, Helen Parsons, Grace Bartram (ch)


Bishop Spencer College, 1904
Ladies’ Field Hockey Team

Bishop Spencer College Field Hockey "Champs" 1936-37