Women In Sport : Pre-Confederation Newfoundland
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Initiation Hikes were called for the months of September, October, November and December in 1933 and in 1934 May and June...it will be noted that the fair sex on these hikes were in the majority. - (SANL, Newfoundland Hiking Club, President’s Report, 1934)

The Newfoundland Hiking Club was founded in 1931. Margaret (Peg) Godden was one of the nine founding members. Even though women were welcomed into the hiking club, the founding members clearly had their doubts whether women were up to the challenge. In the application form for membership, the Newfoundland Hiking Club required that the male applicants state that they were physically fit for the hiking activities. The female applicants were required to provide a doctor’s certificate. The planned route for the inaugural hike was shorter for the women (25 miles, versus 40 miles), and they were excluded from the preparatory hike.

Despite these misgivings, the women hikers became active members of the organization, and more than held their own on the trails. The Annual Report for 1942-1943 included an Honour Roll; women held three of the top six mileages. The top mileage belonged to Eileen Breen, who also established the year’s record. Following the war, the increase of motor traffic on the highways made hiking unsafe. Club membership and activities declined until its eventual disbandment in the early 1970's.


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Newfoundland Hiking Club organizers 1931

Newfoundland Hiking Club Membership Form 1931
Newfoundland Hiking Club Membership Form 1931