Women In Sport : Pre-Confederation Newfoundland
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In the winter of 2004 archivists Linda Murphy and Frances Horwood conducted interviews with thirteen women who were active in sports in pre-Confederation Newfoundland. The following audio files are excerpts from these interviews.

Edith Dean
Audio "I'm a Real Sports Girl!"

Elizabeth Baird Eaton
Audio "Fresh Air Was Everything"

Evelyn Gibbons
Audio "Perils of Winter Travel"
Audio "It Wasn't a Uniform As Such"
Audio "Don't Break the Ice"

Frances Godden
Audio "Tennis in Mount Pearl"
Audio "Proper Dress"
Audio "Going to Harbour Grace"
Audio "An Extensive Tennis Career"

Hilda Green
Audio "St. John's Hockey League 1937"
Audio "Penalty"
Audio "Some Names I Remember"
Audio "Not a Joke"
Audio "Skating by Moonlight on Burton's Pond"
Audio "Prince's Rink"
Audio "May I Have this Band?"
Audio "Skating with Duffy's Group"

Ruth Guzzwell
Audio "School Teams"
Audio "St. Pat's Bowling Leagues"
Audio "When School Was Over"

Lillian Howse
Audio "Grand Falls Curling Club"
Audio "Girls from the Mill"
Audio "Curling in the Afternoon"

Mary Kelsey
Audio "Men Were Written Up More Than Women"
Audio "Marching and Drill"
Audio "The Tennis Courts"

Janet Story
Audio "Sports Were All Part of Growing Up"
Audio "Inter-School Sports"
Audio "Bishop Spencer Traditions"
Audio "1940's Softball League"
Audio "Teaching Boxball"

Vera Taylor
Audio "Marching to Class"
Audio "The School Gym"
Audio "Grand Falls Hurricanes"
Audio "In the English Tradition"
Audio "Playing with Sir Vincent Jones"
Audio "Competing in Tennis Tournaments"
Audio "Playing Hockey"

Emma Wells and Jean Taylor
Audio "That's a Man on the Ice" (Emma's Version) | Read The Story
Audio "Making Ice"
Audio "Playing Hockey"
Audio "Rebuilding the Rink"

Olive Wilcox
Audio "That's a Man on the Ice" (Olive's Version) | Read The Story
Audio "Uniforms"
Audio "Playing Tennis "
Audio "Summer Tournaments"
Audio "Everybody Played"
Audio "Hockey's Next Generation"