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Janet Story, St. John's
Janet Story , 2004

Janet Story was born on November 1, 1924 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the daughter of Dorothy (White) and George E. Story, who was an accountant. She attended Holloway School, Bishop Spencer College, Memorial University College, and received her nursing training at the former General Hospital. From 1963-1983, Miss Story was Director of Nursing at the General Hospital.

Janet Story grew up in an athletic family. She learned to skate on the Waterford River before she started school.

The family had a summer home in Mount Pearl, where she played tennis on a neighbour’s court. She also enjoyed walking and swam at the Bowring Park pool.

At Bishop Spencer College, she enjoyed the inter-school sports program, which included basketball, field hockey and ice hockey. When she entered Memorial University College, she joined the college basketball team and the hiking club. The Memorial College teams were organized by the student Athletic Union (Miss Story served a term as secretary). Memorial had inherited trained athletes, graduates from the city high schools, who were eager to continue with their various sports. As well, the Memorial teams welcomed able athletes from outside St. John’s, who previously had no opportunity to play organized sports.

In addition to her participation as a Memorial “red-skirt,” Janet also played softball. The softball team was organized by the Memorial women’s basketball coach. Games were played at Bannerman Park. During the summer before she started nursing school, Miss Story was hired to teach the student teachers how to play “box-ball” (a variation of softball, played indoors without bats).

The demanding student nursing program forced Miss Story to put aside her athletic pursuits. After her graduation from the nursing program, Miss Story took up bowling, competing among other nurses.


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