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The three schools in Carbonear (Church of England, Roman Catholic, United) all offered their students the opportunity to play hockey. After-school games were organized by teachers. Emma Howell played on the Carbonear girls’ team, known as the Carbonettes and Olive Wilcox played for the Bay Roberts Roverines.

One winter, the Carbonettes discovered that their numbers would be short in an upcoming game at Bay Roberts against the Roverines. Emma’s brother, Fred, was a slight man and it was decided that he could pass a female player. With a head-scarf, his curls carefully arranged around his face, and a little lipstick, his disguise was so effective that he even fooled a local waitress before the game. The first period went without incident. However, Fred’s aggressive playing style soon shone through his disguise, and his body checking gave the ruse away. Sixty years later, the incident still amused the Roverines’s Olive (Myers) Wilcox and the Carbonette’s Emma (Howell) Wells as they describe their versions of the incident.


Emma Wells and Jean Taylor
Audio "That's a Man on the Ice"

Olive Wilcox
Audio "That's a Man on the Ice" (Olive's Version)