April 29, 1912

Governor Ralph Williams to The Marconi International Marine Communication Coy Ltd.

Draft            29 April 1912
Dear Sir,

I have to acknowledge [?] thanks [?] [?] of the 17th. instant and your previous telegram relating to the Titanic disaster.

I am obliged to you for the instructions which you have given.

I recognize that the operators may have felt that non-normal instructions did not quite justify them in supplying me with the news & I do not wish to lay personal blame upon them, but you will understand that the circumstances were abnormal and such as to require exceptional treatment.

As it happened we cold have done nothing but it is essential that the government should have the earliest possible information on any [?] occasion both to enable them to render assistance or to allay great public anxiety.

In leaving it to the Governor to use his discretion you will find that your service is not unduly taxed by unnecessary enquiries.

I am
Yours [?]

Ralph Williams

Marconi International
Marine Communication Coy Ltd.
Watergate House
London, England

Draft correspondence from Ralph Williams, Governor to The International Marine Communication Co. Ltd., 29 April 1912
Source: GN 1/3/A File #32 1912

GN 2/4, Record Book Telegrams No. 4, Telegrams Sent, 1911-1913, p. 478

Telegram dated April 19, 1912 of Arthur Mews, Deputy Colonial Secretary to Mr. H. Wier, Halifax Herald asking for news of the Titanic disaster.

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