April 17, 1912

Correspondence to Sir Ralph Champneys Williams, KCMG from The Marconi International Marine Communication Co. Ltd., 17 April 1912
Source: GN 1/3/A File #32 1912

Sent 17. 4. 12                      Br. Ambassador
Please cause the earnest and heartfelt sympathy of the Colony of Newfoundland to be conveyed to all those who have lost those dear to them by the terrible disaster to the Titanic.

Ralph Ws

Correspondence to British Ambassador, Washington from Ralph Williams, Governor, 17 April 1912
Source: GN 1/3/A File #32 1912

GN 2/1/A, vol. 117, Feb-May 1912, p. 495

Correspondence from Robert Watson, Colonial Secretary to Mr. H. Wier of the Halifax Herald seeking clarification of the Public Despatch and expressing disappointment regarding failure of the newspaper to furnish news of the Titanic disaster.

Wednesday, 17th. 1912

Dull wet foggy rain morning, heavy lightning & thunder last night. Report steamer “Titanic” lost off Cape Race, many persons drowned. P. M. clearing off wind East. Fr. O’Rourke in town.

The Rooms Provincial Archives Division, MG 520, Diary entry, 17 Apr. 1912 (excerpt): loss of Titanic, Abbott and Haliburton Company fonds

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