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Intro Sir Wilfred Grenfell IGA Lantern Slides Timeline Glossary

IGA Magic Lantern Collection


This virtual exhibit contains only a small representation of the magic lantern slides in The Rooms Provincial Archives Division's holdings. In the meantime, the archives entire collection of magic lantern slides is being inspected, cleaned and/or repaired, described and scanned into digital format. Currently, there are over 1300 magic lantern slide images in the scanned database, with approximately 250 slides being selected for inclusion in this exhibit. Choice of slides depended mostly on the selection of various themes to represent the form and function of the IGA, the life of its leader Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, and the land in which mission work was done. Archivists chose nine themes to guide the selection process, covering these three areas. The exhibit presents a series of images based on each theme, and provides context for each image and theme with the aid of text about the Labrador fishery, Magic Lantern slides in general, a time line of important IGA dates, an administrative history of the IGA, an organizational chart of various IGA bodies, and links to various relevant web pages.

Until now, the magic lantern slides in this exhibit were previously unavailable to the public. Viewing these slides was only possible by using a rare magic lantern projector and many of the slides selected contained little or no description. As part of the larger rearrangement and redescription piece at work with the IGA collection and with the aid of modern scanning and digitization technology, Archives staff can now make these images available on-line in digital format. Scanning technology allows the slides to be presented in a safe and secure manner, while the originals are still protected in archival storage. Archivists have supplemented and contributed to the original descriptions contained with each slide whenever possible.

This virtual exhibit was made possible by a digitization grant from the Canadian Council of Archives, during year II of the Canadian Archival Information Network (CAIN) initiative. Many individuals contributed to the exhibit and included: Shelley Smith, Jessie Chisholm, Jack Lanphear, Miki Lee, Patti McGrath, Lisa Pottle, Elizabeth Fewer and Sandra Ronayne.

When the International Grenfell Association donated its records almost 20 years ago, it gave unto the archives the responsibility of caring for these records and making them available for posterity. It is hoped this new virtual exhibit will show this work continuing, will provide a glimpse into the fascinating and beautiful collection of IGA magic lantern slides at the archives and will show a visual record of IGA history and activity on the coasts of northern Newfoundland and Labrador.